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We also use materials and lacquer finishes which are the most robust available in the market. However, even these materials can be damaged and to ensure our products give your client many years of great service please advise them to follow the product care guidance below.

Solid Timber and Veneered Table Tops and Tables

Do not use any sanitiser, degreaser or other aggressive cleaners (including without limitation D10 Sanitiser) as they can damage the protection of the lacquer finish. Sanitiser sprays cause widespread problems across the industry as their aggressive constituents attack lacquer finishes causing them to deteriorate which in turn means table tops are likely to show signs of wear easily, show water or heat marks or show scratches. Our 12 month product guarantee does not extend to damage caused by the use of such cleaning products.

Do not use wax or furniture polish as a build up can occur and spoil the appearance of the finish.

Where furniture is installed on site within a few weeks of being manufactured by us, special care should be taken not to damage the lacquer finish. Lacquer can take several days to be heat-proof and up to three weeks to fully cure. We strongly advise placing hot objects on coasters rather than the bare top.

To clean lacquered tables we strongly recommend using either warm soapy water or Relay Spray Restaurant Table Top Cleaner, available from Relay Spray was specially developed to clean and sanitise tops without harming the lacquer.

Outdoor timber tops -  when placed outdoors, most timbers will naturally weather to a silver-grey colour.  To try to ensure the hardwood remains its original colour and to maintain protection against spillages and stains the tops should be retreated no less frequently than every six months.  They may require a light sanding before being retreated. 

Oiled finishes - these do not provide as much protection as lacquer finishes, nor are they as durable. Particular care should be taken to wipe up spills immediately. If they are not cleaned immediately, a permanent stain can result. 

Regular re-coating of oiled tops may be required to maintain the finish and the protection. The time period between re-coating will vary depending on the use of the tops and the cleaning regime, but it may be required every 6 months. We don't accept responsibility for oiled finishes wearing quickly.

Storage: particular care needs to be taken with the storage of solid timber and veneer tops, especially during the winter months. Significant changes in temperature and humidity can cause these tops to warp or split. Tops should be stored between 10 - 25 degrees Celcius with all faces equally exposed to the air.

Laminate Table Tops

Wipe with a damp cloth soaked with soapy water. For stubborn marks a careful application of a non-abrasive cleaning cream can be used, but test a concealed area first. For laminate tops with a hardwood or MDF edge which has been polished, please follow the product care advice above for Solid Timber tops.

Vinyl, Linoleum and Bulgomme

See instructions for solid and veneered table tops and tables.

Please note that our 12 month guarantee does not extend to damage caused to the table tops and tables where our product care advice has not been followed. 

If at your request we undertake a site visit to investigate a problem and find the problem is caused by our product care advice not being followed and/or a cause that is not a manufacturing defect, we will invoice you for £200 + VAT.  You may choose to pass this cost on to your client at your discretion.

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